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Digestive Surgery Clinic

A Surgery can be made an experience!

Everyone is scared of surgery!

And why should one not be? The entire process involves tedious hospital admission, injections, operation and postoperative pain. Add to it the fear of complications and it is too much to handle for most.
Who looks forward to all that?
True! We all undertake the whole ordeal because there is no way out. If we had a choice we would run away.

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hernia mesh

I have Hernia. What do I need to know before surgery?

It’s disheartening for any patient to know that their abdominal wall gave way spontaneously or after a surgery. A second surgery with the possibility of a failure looms large on the patient’s mind. Many however realise they have no other option but to get operated once again and they do so. Some stay in fear postponing their surgery waiting for compelling reasons.
The right approach is to overcome the fear, gain knowledge and choose correctly.

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people exercising

In 2015, lets make Health a top priority!

Health should be one of the top priorities in an individual’s life. Unfortunately it only figures frequently in a New Year’s resolution but does not translate into practice for most.

For those who are motivated, the next challenge is to decide WHAT steps to focus on. It is for them that I have written the following article.

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