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chronic pancreatitis

Chronic Pancreatitis – Learn How It is Cured!

Here is a case of chronic pancreatitis that was managed surgically at our center.

A 40 year old diabetic female was referred with intractable pain abdomen. She was a known case of chronic pancreatitis managed on medical treatment (pancreatic enzymes, analgesics) for the last 3 years. She also had developed diabetes during this period.

CT and MRCP picked up a large impacted stone at the head of pancreas with dilated pancreatic duct and atrophic pancreas.

After optimising, a decision to do laparoscopic lateral pancreatojejunostomy was taken. The stone and pus was removed from the duct and it was joined with a limb of jejunum.

She recovered well and was discharged in a painless condition on the 5th postoperative day.

Here is how it was done:

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Abdominal Sepsis Treatment – The Step-by-Step Procedure

A 35 year old woman was referred to Digestive Surgery Clinic with abdominal sepsis following a cholecystectomy on her 11th postoperative day.

CT picked up a large collection of bile in the upper abdomen. A pigtail catheter was introduced radiologically along with antibiotics. Owing to residual sepsis, a laparoscopic drainage was undertaken subsequently, following which she recovered rapidly. A controlled biliary fistula developed that persisted for a month.

MRCP showed dilated left and right hepatic ducts and a block at the confluence of ducts. No vascular injury was identified.

A definitive repair of the bile duct in the form of left hepaticojejunostomy was done.

The link below shows the critical steps of the procedure that is vital to good long term outcome.

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Splash - the Fashion Show

A Show of Confidence – From Difficulty In Walking To Walking The Ramp

Obesity is one of the biggest diseases of our times. The damage it incurs on individual health, quality of life and on economy is huge. The treatment of obesity is difficult. Dieting and physical activity is frequently ineffective in its management.

In such a grim scenario, the dramatic success of bariatric surgery has brought some hope for millions of obese patients in the world who are struggling with their weight, obesity, arthritis, Infertility, etc.

bariatric surgery

However, there is lack of awareness regarding this treatment strategy (bariatric surgery) in our society. There is also scepticism and misconceptions amongst many – one such being that patients become weak after surgery. Frequently, many patients do not reveal their bariatric status for the fear of prejudice and discrimination.

To dispel this misconception and encourage patients to come forward with their identity, a fashion show was conceptualised by Dr Sarfaraz J Baig, Bariatric Surgeon, Belle Vue Clinic, where his patients who have undergone bariatric surgery walked the ramp with models and members of the Calcutta Swimming Club.

Splash - the Fashion Show

For people who once had difficulty in walking because of their excess weight, the walk on the ramp in front of a large audience and special guests such as Agnimitra Paul and Rachna Banerjee was a supreme demonstration of their confidence. They send out the social message that a healthy body is the best fashion statement. And Bariatric surgery gives a second chance of health to many obese people.

ex-obese patient

Agnimitra Paul, eminent fashion designer and Rachna Banerjee, eminent Tollywood actress graced this occasion and lauded the confidence and beauty of the post-surgery participants.


Dr Sarfaraz J Baig said after the event -“Bariatric surgery has now become a mainstream surgery. It gives obese patients struggling with their excess weight, diabetes, arthritis a second chance in life. There is a considerable need to spread the awareness of this surgery and dispel misperceptions regarding it.”


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