About us

Team Digestive Surgery Clinic

DSC (Digestive Surgery Clinic) is a body of dedicated doctors, who are passionate in the field of gastrointestinal surgery and weight reduction surgery.

We are a body of committed doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, stoma nurse and secretarial services. We offer safe, ethical and rational treatment based on evidence and sound scientific principles.

At DSC, we have well-trained surgeons, excellent infrastructure with advanced medicinal equipment, dedicated paramedics and reliable ancillary departments such as pathology, radiology, intensive care, etc. We excel in laparoscopic and open weight reduction surgery and ensure scar-less treatment.

More than sixty percent of the diseases in the human body originate from the gut; some of which require medical or endoscopic treatment and some necessitating weight reduction surgery. Still, only a handful of health centers in the country provide comprehensive medical, endoscopic and surgical treatment of gastrointestinal diseases. We, at DSC, thrive to provide excellence in the field of care for gastrointestinal diseases.

With GI surgery advancing at a rapid pace, we follow advanced and effective approaches to cure our patients. We have done all advanced and complex procedures laparoscopically; ensuring utmost safety. Our series of more than five thousand laparoscopic cholecystectomy (removal of gall bladder) has a complication rate of less than 0.1%; an enviable feat in itself!

Resections of GI cancers is our specialty. Standard procedures are followed and safety ranks first in our priority-list. Technically challenging procedures like Whipples operation, considered to be one of the most formidable surgeries, is performed routinely with low complication rates. Some cancers like those of stomach, colon and rectum are resected laparoscopically, probably the only center in Eastern India to do so.

Weight Reduction Surgery is done in our center regularly. We realize that surgery causes a lot of stress for the patients and their relatives. Hence, we offer motivational support to our patients and their families. We seek to maintain a friendly and caring environment with all our patients’ families. We maintain dynamic communication to discuss a disease and its expected outcome.

We, at DSC, understand that excellence can only be obtained through consistent performance in weight reduction surgery and other treatments. With us, we expect you to expect a lot from us. We, at DSC, promise to deliver!


Digestive surgery clinic based out of Belle Vue is pleased to announce the creation of the following four dedicated units, to cope with the increasing demand and fine tune our superspecialist services –

  • Hepatopancreatobiliary (HPB)
  • Colorectal
  • Foregut
  • Bariatrics and Hernias

To take this forward, I am pleased to have on board, Associate Consultants – Dr Ajay Mandal (HPB) and Dr Kalyan Ashis Mukherji (Foregut) with expertise in their fields.

With this endeavour, we hope to make a difference in patient care!