Colorectal Surgery Digesitve Surgery Clinic

Colorectal Surgery deals with the diseases of the colon and rectum such as tumors, inflammatory bowel disease, hemorrhoids (piles), anal fistula, fissures, etc.

A sea of change has occurred in this area in the last decade. Removals of portions of colon and rectum afflicted with tumors, polyps and inflammatory conditions can now be done laparoscopically (with holes in the abdomen rather than cutting abdomen open).

Anorectal surgery for piles and fistula used to be a painful affair requiring wound dressings in the postoperative period. Modern technology has made it possible to perform these surgeries through painless and wound free methods.

Treating High anal fistulas were always difficult and quite often demanded procedures which was unacceptable and uncomfortable for the patient with high failure rates. Experience and technology has helped us in overcoming these difficulties. At present, we cure a diverse range of problems through colorectal surgery in Kolkata.

Digestive Surgery Clinic is one of the most well-recognized bodies in India where Colon Cancer Treatment or Colorectal Surgery is done routinely by trained surgeons.*

*Disclaimer: The information contained in this website is based on the results which the existing patients have got after treatment. However, results may vary from case to case.