Dr. Jindel

Dr. Rajesh  Jindel is a renowned Medical Oncologist.  Out of the thirty years that he has been in practice, sixteen have been in Kolkata.

He did his education  from SMS Medical College Jaipur and and then worked at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, later at the Institute Rotary Cancer Hospital, AIIMS, New Delhi and at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. As  a Consultant Medical Oncologist he has extensive international experience.

At AIIMS he did pioneering work in malignancies of the head and neck and has several international publications on this subject. Subsequently he  has worked on cancer of the lung, breast and gastro-intestinal malignancies. Cancer of the gall bladder, pancreas and the large intestine are of special interest to him. He has attended several national and international conferences and spares no effort to keep himself update on the subject. He has also organised several  teaching sessions in the state to educate the medical fraternity about cancer, the latest developments in the field and the best course of treatment for cancer patients.

He is above all a very nice  and sympathetic person.