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Gallbladder Surgery in Kolkata and West Bengal that we can safely presume that everybody knows at least one patient who has undergone it. It is very difficult to say what causes it and why it is so common here. A few scientific guesses are – higher body fat, infection in bile ducts, poor movements in bile ducts, etc. As to why it is commoner in our region there are no proven answers. Genetics, diet, environmental influences have been implicated. Since there is paucity of data as to what causes gallstones, there is very little we can do to prevent its formation.

Once formed gallstones may or may not cause symptoms. It may produce mild symptoms like pain and indigestion or it may cause severe diseases such as jaundice, infection, pancreatitis, etc.

All gallstones need not be treated especially if the patients are elderly and asymptomatic.

Those who do require treatment, it is important for them to bear in mind that medicines never work practically. Hence requiring surgery. Obviously, the delayed treatment may result in poorer outcome.

The fear of the knife is a universal phenomenon. Nobody wants to undergo surgery because of the fear of pain, hospital stay, inability to work and complications.

Let us address these fears. Laparoscopic surgery (surgery done through holes without cutting the belly) will be almost painless. Based on our experience, the hospital stay will usually be 1 to 2 days. On an average, patients generally join work in 5 to 7 days. Most good centers will have a complication rates of less than 1%. Sounds good.

Few words of caution, here. Do some research before handing your precious body to surgery. Most people are unaware of the factors they need to consider. Let’s face it! Many amongst us want to get it done at the most affording price possible. The net result is we go health shopping with only budget in mind. Do we do the same when we buy clothes, food or homes for ourselves? True, that money is an important consideration. But so is safety and comfort. So, how should we choose the right center for Gallbladder Surgery in Kolkata?

First, look for a center or surgeon with high volume of laparoscopic surgery. This will ensure low complication rates. Experience counts, you know. Second, do some research on the outcome of patients from these centers. Did they have wound infections? A very rare complication after laparoscopic surgery, but may spell hell for the unfortunate few. The worst part is, it is because of poor cleaning technique of laparoscopic instruments employed in some centers, something which may be beyond control of the surgeon. And it takes weeks to months to heal. Ask somebody who has had it. What about pain control? Nowadays, one can have an almost painless and stitch-less laparoscopic removal of gallbladder with superior technique. Find out. For the select few, who are very conscious of marks on their beautiful belly, one can opt for a single hole surgery, too. Of course, this will cost a bomb.

To summarize, if you do need laparoscopic removal of gall bladder, choose not only on the basis of the cost or proximity of a center to your home, but choose on the basis of safety and comfort also. It will not necessarily come at a higher cost. But you need to know where to look. After all, your body is precious. Hand it over to somebody who thinks so too.*

*Disclaimer: The information contained in this website is based on the results which the existing patients have got after treatment. However, results may vary from case to case.