Bariatric Nutrition Internship

India is getting over burdened with obesity as every minute is passing by. 1 in every 5 Indians is either overweight or obese. The graph has never went down since 1980. Globalization, sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, mushrooming of fast food centers and home delivery services are contributing a lot towards it.
In such scenario, is there anything you can do?
Well, the answer is Yes!

What can you do about it?

You can make a difference – a positive one! You can help people to manage their food and nutrition. If you are a Diploma holder in Nutrition, then we at Digestive Surgery Clinic have the best opportunity for you to launch your dreams – a 6-month internship on Bariatric Nutrition!

Why it is the best opportunity for food and nutrition enthusiast like you?

Digestive Surgery Clinic gives you the opportunity to gain what you can never learn through the textbooks – the practical exposure. The selected interns are involved in the ongoing metabolic cases. These real time cases help you to understand how things work in the real world.
The relevant reading materials are recommended to all the interns by the concerned experts of Digestive Surgery Clinic. Hence, you get to learn from some of the best-in-class experts in the domain of bariatric surgery.

The necessary details about this internship program are as follows-

  • Qualifications required – Diploma in Nutrition
  • Duration of the course – 6 months
  • Sessions – 1 Class per week

What benefits do you get once you qualify this internship?

After 6 months, you will be a certified Bariatric Nutritionist, along with the opportunity to get involved in the cases. You can attend obese patients, guide post-bariatric patients as per evidence and help people to overcome obesity.

Begin your transformational journey of transforming people today!

Call our Bariatric Coordinator at +91 9830751420 to know regarding the enrolment and payment procedure or reach us at for application.