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In modern India, obesity is not viewed as a health condition anymore. It is now considered as a disease which, when in excess, leads to other problems and diseases such as diabetes, increased blood pressure, heart problems, joint pain, snoring, immobility, poor sex life, infertility, psychological problems, etc. The growing problems from obesity worked as a catalyst in influencing doctors to discover and perform obesity surgery in Kolkata.

Why is Obesity Surgery Important?

Twenty five percent of adult population in the world is either overweight or obese; and the number is increasing consistently. The WHO has declared obesity as a global pandemic in 2002. It has become the second highest cause of preventable deaths, after smoking.

With due concern for the obese, doctors researched and developed obesity surgery. This surgical solution has opened a gate for people with excess weight to reduce the risk of diseases in their life.

Eligibility for Obesity Surgery in Kolkata

If one has a BMI (Body Mass Index) of more than 40, or 35 alongside a morbid condition like Diabetes or Hypertension, one is eligible for obesity surgery in Kolkata. You can calculate your BMI by dividing your weight (in kg) by your height (in m2). Hence, if your BMI satisfied any of the two conditions, you should consider going for an obesity surgery.

Life after Bariatric Obesity Surgery

Life after bariatric surgery is very different than the pre-surgery period. As stomach size becomes smaller through surgery, the consumption capacity of a person decreases. However, this should not be interpreted as a step towards weakness. In fact, people start leading a more active life as soon as they start losing weight and gaining confidence.

Complications of Obesity Surgery

Like all surgeries, bariatric surgery comes with its share of troubles. Morbid obese subjects have high risk of anesthesia. They may have pre-existing lung and cardiac problems along with risk for venous thrombosis (clots in leg veins) which may aggravate after obesity surgery in Kolkata. Having said that, advances in modern anesthesia and availability of stapler buttressing technology has brought down these risks tremendously. Bands may slip from their position, require adjustment or may erode requiring removal.

Obesity Surgery for Type 2 Diabetes

The same surgeries as an effective obesity surgery are being done, apart from some new ones to cure adult onset diabetes. There are enough evidences in literature to advocate this procedure to cure diabetes. Immediately after surgery and usually before the patient is discharged home, the patients have normal blood sugar. It is an exciting option for diabetics who want a permanent solution. After all, who wants to take pills and injections on a regular basis and live with the fear of diabetic complications!*

*Disclaimer: The information contained in this website is based on the results which the existing patients have got after treatment. However, results may vary from case to case.