To address the ever increasing demand on teaching and training, Digestive Surgery Clinic is now expanding its ambit to provide observership and fellowship programs to surgeons.

Observership will be offered to surgeons with post graduate degree who are willing to stay for a minimum period of two weeks. The fees for the same will be INR 10,000, payable to Digestive Surgery Clinic. They will also be expected to arrange for their own food and accommodation. The observers will be expected to bring their registration certificate at the time of attending. They will be able to observe and learn in the OPD, clinical rounds, data keeping, operations and academic work. They will need to apply to and

Fellowship will be offered to surgeons with postgraduate degree, who are willing to stay for a period of 6 months. The fees will be INR 50,000. Lodging and food expenditure will be borne by the fellow. The fellow will be allowed to assist in operative procedure in the OPD, clinical rounds, operations and academic activity. They will be expected to publish one paper. To apply, mail to and*


*Disclaimer: The information contained in this website is based on the results which the existing patients have got after treatment. However, results may vary from case to case.