Way to High

When it comes to opinions on how to lose weight, there are far too many. Lemon juice to vibrators, fad diet to magic potions, wonder drugs to sure shot machines, liposuction to bariatric surgery, the list is endless!
It becomes difficult, even impossible for many to differentiate between a fact and a fake!
In this world of increasing data, wouldn’t it be simpler if there was a body of experts who examined the claims through a scientific eye and told us what to believe.

Welcome to “Way to High”!
If you read this as -weigh too high? – Well, that was intentional. We hope to help those who do!

Who are we? 
We are a group of people comprising of nutritionists, lifestyle coach, physical trainer and bariatric surgeon who are committed to scientific analysis of diverse claims and beliefs on methods of weight loss. We are here to drown the noise of irrational and unscientific practices with the voice of reason and sanity! We are here to help you choose well and practice methods that have a foothold on evidence.


Our services
You can consult with us online here and if you like what you hear, you can enroll into one of the programs that we have. If you are an eligible candidate for surgery (plastic surgery or bariatric surgery) we could deliver world-class surgical expertise right here.

Who needs Bariatric Surgery?

  • Do you have a waist more than 100 cm (men) or 90 cm (women)?
  • Do you weigh more than ‘normal’people and are told you are fat?
  • Do you have a tummy and also have diabetes, hypertension or a cholesterol problem?
  • Do you weigh 100 kg or more and have arthritis or low back pain?
  • Are you fat and need a CPAP machine during sleep (or are you a snorer)?

YOU probably need bariatric surgery. Anyone with a BMI of 30 or more may be a candidate.
Ask your doctor your BMI, or find it at the BMI site (www.bmi-india.com).

Why should I need bariatric surgery?
Obesity and diabetes are killers of modern mankind. Not only do they make your quality of life poor, they also tend to kill you. If you wish to escape the possibility of new cancers, joint pain and arthritis leading to surgeries, lung, heart and kidney problems, then think no more.
Ask your doctor any question you want, and get ready for a disease-free life after your bariatric surgery.

How is bariatric surgery done?
It is a keyhole surgery like what we do for gallbladder or uterus removal. No stitches, no pain, no big cuts, no stay in hospital beyond a day or so, and almost immediate return to normal life.
The stomach is re-engineered to take a different shape. It may be shaped like a banana, a hockey stick or like a small bottle of syrup. In many cases (known as the MGB), the hockey stick shaped stomach is connected to a part of your small gut.
In the sleeve operation, the baggy part of the stomach is removed, leaving behind a tube of stomach.

Which procedure is the best one for me?
The mini-gastric bypass is the one that patients like best. It allows for fastest return homeward and to the workplace, as well as needing minimal adjustments in the short term to normal life.
The conventional gastric bypass is the gold standard operation with the largest amount of scientific data supporting its positive effects. It has powerful effect on diabetes and other metabolic problems, like the mini gastric bypass. It does have its small share of complications.
The sleeve is the most popular operation in much of the world. Its ease makes its use attractive, especially in younger and sicker patients. However, it has a leak rate of 2%, and these leaks may take a long while to heal.
Recent studies from Taiwan and Europe suggest that the mini gastric bypass has better results than both the sleeve and the gastric bypass.
However, the last word has not been said in this regard.

Call our bariatric coordinator at 98301 57840 to know more if you are interested!

Sometimes, patients who do not want to undergo the knife (we understand that), you could avail our facility for a endoscopic balloon or laser liposuction. For those committing to a non-surgical weight loss program, you could try us for 3 months or connect with us for life committed to health.

What do you get if you enroll in our program?
Apart from consultations, you have us answering and monitoring you online 24×7 (do bear with us when we devote sometime for our daily chores). You also get specialist consults with diabetologists, physical trainers, plastic and bariatric surgeons, should you need them. You also have access to meaningful seminars and webinars. Nutrition needs lab evaluation frequently. Through us, we get you generous discounts to make it friendly for your pocket. And should you desire and merit surgery, as a special customer you get a special price! If that appeals to you, get enrolled now!


Some of our Past Patients Testimonials

Hi I’m Stapa Ganguly, I’m Staying at Garia, I came to Belle vue clinic for my weight loss. I have consulted Dr. Sarfaraz Baig and I have undergone a Bariatric Surgery and I have reduced 8 kilos within 10 Days and I’m really happy. I have got a new rebirth in his hands. Thank you.
Miss Ganguly, Garia


“I came from Sreerampore for Bariatric Surgery from Dr. Sarfaraz Baig. My name is Chandra Sarkar. After Bariatric Surgery I lost 17 kgs within 3 months. And problems like Diabetes, Hypertension, etc., have also decreased. Now I am healthy again and feeling very good.”
Mrs Chandra Sarkar, Sreerampore

For more visit our Testimonial Page.


Our slogan 
We speak only science! 


Dr Baig - Digestive Surgery Clinic

Dr Sarfaraz Baig is a GI, Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon based out of Belle Vue Clinic Kolkata. His qualifications are MS FRCS FIAGES. His main area of work is presently in the field of bariatric surgery- a keyhole surgery for Obesity and Diabetes. He is an active member of IAGES (Indian Association of Gastrointestinal Endosurgeons), IASG (Indian Association of Surgical Gastroenterology), OSSI (Society for Obesity Surgeons in India) and IFSO (International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity).


  • 24/7 online consultation
  • 1 physical consult per month with nutritionist
  • 1 specialist consult every 3 months (Endocrinologist, Physical Trainer, Bariatric Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon)
  • Seminar / Webinar
  • Nutritional Lab Tests – At 20% discount
  • Surgery if needed – At 10% discount
  • Tie up with trained activity coaches / physical trainers
  • Access to Modern Non-Invasive Evidence-based technology for weight loss


Consultation – INR 1000
3 months – INR 10,000
6 months – INR 18,000
12 months – INR 30,000


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